The third stop of the THF Realty Gateway Cup!

The Hill boasts the finest Italian restaurants anywhere. It is the boyhood home of such baseball legends as Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola. It is a neighborhood that acts as a model for community as generations of families continue to maintain their residence creating a close-knit feel. The neighborhood was settled by Italian immigrants starting in the late 19th Century. The anchor for the community continues to be St. Ambrose Catholic Church, the Start/Finish site for today’s race. The Italian heritage continues to thrive with the Hill’s variety of Italian restaurants, bakeries, taverns, groceries, community organizations, and social clubs. One such club, the Bocce Club, hosts the traditional pasta dinner for the cyclists Sunday evening after the completion of the last race of the day.

Trailnet will once again be hosting one of their most popular recreational rides around St. Louis City. Be a participant and take part in the Trailnet Giro della Montagna Ride and finish the day watching St. Louis’ best criterium bike race.

The Giro della Montagna began in 1986 and was the brainchild of life-time Hill resident, Joe Torrisi. With the help of the St. Louis Cyclones the event took a few years to gain some momentum. It was held over the Fourth of July weekend to draw additional racers who were in town for the VP Fair cycling races which were being held downtown the same weekend. The Giro became the cornerstone of the THF Realty Gateway Cup in 1998 and more recently has been coordinated by Mike Weiss and the Big Shark Cycling team. The Hill is pleased to continue this great relationship and is looking forward to many more years of Giro, Giro, Giro!

Giro Pasta Dinner

Sunday, September 2nd 4:00-8:00pm: St Louis Bocce Club 2210 Marconi @ Bischoff on race course. Menu includes all the Pasta you can eat, plus 2 meatballs, salad, Italian Bread, and dessert. $8 adults/$5 children. Tickets available at the door.


Start Category Distance Place/Prize Field Limit
8:30 a.m. Trailnet Giro della Montagna Fun Ride 20 mi. 31mi. 40 mi. Drinks and Lunch After none
11:00 a.m. Registration Opens
12:10 p.m. Juniors 15 min + 5 laps 3/Boys/Girls/Medals 50
12:45 p.m. Cat 4/5 25 min + 5 laps 3/Medals/Glory 75
1:25 p.m. Women 3/4 30 min + 5 laps 6/$300 100
2:10 p.m. Masters 40+ Cat 1 – 4 40 min + 5 laps 15/$800 100
3:05 p.m. Cat 4 35 min + 5 laps 15/$600 125
3:55 p.m. Cat 3 40 min + 5 laps 15/$800 150
4:50 p.m. Women Pro/1/2 45 min + 5 laps 20/$1900 ($500 Primes) 150
5:50 p.m. Kids Races ($5 & suggested dontation) Sprint Big Wheels – Age 12 none
6:05 p.m. Pro,1,2 70 min + 5 laps 20/$1900 ($500 Primes) 150

Start and Finish in front of St. Ambrose church, From HWY 40/64 or HWY 44, exit Kingshighway south to right on Southwest to Columbia on right. Follow parking signs to the Shaw Community School. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS OR IN THE ALLEYS.

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Giro Della Montagna
Giro Della Montagna

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