Important Telephone Numbers

Police Non-Emergency (314) 231-1212
Neighborhood Stabilization Officer (314) 657-1364
Citizen’s Service Bureau (314) 622-4800


The Hill is partially in 2 wards. To find out in which ward you live, use the City of St. Louis Elected Official Look Up Application. To contact your alderman, click on the appropriate e-mail link below, or call the Board of Aldermen at (314) 622-3287.

Ward 10: Joseph Vollmer contact
Ward 24: Scott Ogilvie contact

Phone: (314) 622-3287
Fax: (314) 622-4273

City Hall, Room 230
1200 Market Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63116

Neighborhood Improvement Specialist

NST serves as a catalyst for bringing together the Police, elected officials, governmental agencies, social service organizations, community groups and individuals to identify permanent solutions to on-going problems.

Report a Problem

Ward 10
Brian Kolde
(314) 657-1364

Ward 24
Steven LaRosa
(314) 657-1354