Date: August 31
Races From 11:10am – 7:30pm

Join us for the third stop of the Staenberg Group Gateway Cup right here in the Hill neighborhood for this year’s Giro della Montagna ProAm races. Experience professional cycling at its best. The race will start and finish in front of St. Ambrose Church. You may also bike recreationally with Giro Trailnet ride.

Street Closures
Sunday at 5:30 a.m. – Approximately 7:30 p.m.

*The race route will be closed to all traffic and access to the street by vehicle will not be allowed including driveways.
*Please do not park on the grass or in the alleys.


From HWY 40/64 or HWY 44, exit Kingshighway south to right on Southwest to Columbia on right. Follow parking signs to the Shaw Community School.


StartCategoryDistancePlace/PrizeField Limit
8:30 a.m.Trailnet Giro della Montagna Fun Ride20 mi. 31mi. 40 mi.Drinks and Lunch Afternone
10:00 a.m.Registration Opens
11:10 p.m.Juniors25 min3/Boys/Girls/Medals50
11:45 p.m.Cat 4/540 min3/Medals/Glory75
12:30 p.m.Women 3/440 min6/$30075
1:20 p.m.Masters 40+ Cat 1 – 450 min15/$800100
2:15 p.m.Cat 3/450 min15/$600150
3:10 p.m.Cat 2/355 min15/$800150
4:10 p.m.Women Pro/1/255 min20/$3250150
5:10 p.m.Kids Races ($5 & suggested dontation)SprintBig Wheels – Age 12none
5:25 p.m.Pro/170 min20/$3250150


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